Becoming better men and bigger geeks.

MAN.DAD.GEEK is for the men out there who are having a hard time juggling the roles of being a good man, a good father, and the inner geek that is inside each of us. It can be really difficult to go from a non-married life where you have a lot of time for yourself and your geeky habits and then suddenly find that you have very little to no time for those things once you're married, even less so when you're a father. Let me just say this right now, I don't have all of the answers. Not even close. In fact, that's precisely the reason why I wanted to start MAN.DAD.GEEK and build a community of dads that can help each other out with scenarios that only other DadGeeks (ManDaGeeks?) would understand.

The goal is simple, share some stories from my own life experiences to encourage conversation between dads so that we can help and support each other. No one man has all of the answers, but as a group, as a collective of awesome dads that like to fix things, I think we can figure out just about anything and help each other be better. Am I rite?

Here at MAN.DAD.GEEK you will find blog posts, a podcast, and a forum where you can hear stories from other men and reach out to guys like you who are doing their best to be good men, awesome fathers, and big geeks! And just to be clear, when I say geek, I'm not just talking about Japanese anime and video games. Whatever it is that you geek out about, sports, cars, music, science, etc., it's all welcome here so don't be afraid to jump into the forums and look for other like-minded ManDaGeeks.

Thanks for checking out the page and the community. I hope that we can provide something useful and valuable for you and give you a place where you can share important things from your life as well.